Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A 'new convert'

After speaking with Ellie, blogs came up in conversation and she has 'converted' me to blogging again! I have been meaning to get into it all year after making a few entries last summer in Malawi, but now I will do it!

Tomorrow I'm going to the newly named O2 Academy (I much prefered Carling Academy) in Birmingham to see Maximo Park! If you don't know who Maximo Park are (as with Ellie tut tut), check them out because they are seriously good. The first time I listened to them was off a CD in my first year of college which my then girlfriend (now best mate) had shown me, Graffiti was the track. I've loved them ever since and once I buy their newest album, Quicken the Heart, I'll maybe do a review.

They are amoung the few bands which I have real, bought from HMV, albums of, and I will have them all once I purchase the new one. I like the get physical CDs for bands I rea
lly enjoy, a bit of satisfaction that you actually are helping them out which downloading
doesn't quite give, in my
opinion! Speaking of music formats, my Dad assured me this morning that tape cassettes are coming back?! I have a few back from when I was little, but seriously, this will not happen will it? Although, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. The cars around that still have cassette players in, the re-recordability and the mix-tape making factor (which Doc was talking about just the other week)...could it happen?

Well, I think that's enough for now, I'll get back to the second half of my Pro Evo match I was playing and see how long before I forget to blog again and need to be reminded by Ellie.

ps. on a footballing note, I see the last day of the Premier League season will be exciting after tonight's match...pity I won't be around to witness it! I always liked Sunderland, and although it'd be interesting to see such a huge club (I don't usually like to size up clubs but Newcastle are HUGE!) go down this season, I'm going for Hull to be relegated. Sorry to Heidi and other Hull dwellers but this means that next season I can make the short trip up from Lincoln to see Leicester City beat them!