Saturday, 12 September 2009

Review: Leicester City vs Blackpool

The mildly awaited return of Ian Holloway to the Walkers came to fruition today with the visit of his new team, Blackpool. The Seasiders were unbeaten all season (as were we) and would be a tough test on a very hot summers day.

We started brightly, as did Blackpool, and it became a very even, end to end match. Richie Wellens continued to be a force in midfield and Wayne Brown an absolute rock in defence, using his head very very VERY effectively! After Weale tipped a shot onto our far upright and produced a great save on the follow up, Wellens sent a quick free-kick through to Fryatt, unbeknown to the defence, and the superstriker slotted in through the goalie's legs. Unfortunately, five minutes later, a City mishap in defence, let Charlie Adam through to embarassingly round the keeper and a defender to slot into an empty net. It was a mistake by our defence (maybe as was Fryatt's goal) which I think could have been resolved had Brown had been a younger, flexible and agile version of himself.

Everytime 'Ollie' Holloway came to the touchline, he was greeted by boos, which was hillarious, and his old team almost took the lead when Matt Oakley's freekick hit the post just before half time. The second half was a much more one-sided affair, Leicester dominating, and with a poorly thought of passback, Fryatt latched on, rounded the keeper and scored his second of the match. The match carried on at this scoreline, chances for both sides and a lot of dirty play (more by Blackpool or am I just biased...?!) and a huge palava with the humourous referee, J Singh (pictured), getting in the way of a well-worked free-kick for Leicester, but City hung onto the lead to make an incredible year unbeaten at home. In the last minutes of the match was my chant of the week: 'Ollie, what's the score? Ollie, Ollie, what's the score?!'.

The official man of the match was the solid Wayne Brown, and although he had a great match, I think he could have done better with preventing Blackpool's goal. I'm going to give my man of the match to the pivotal player in the match, who is an obvious recipient but also a worthy one.

Man of the Match = Matty Fryatt

On another note, in the official website picture article, me and my family are featured in on of the pictures! See if you can spot us...(if not then check onmy Facebook profile where I will be tagged!)