Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Sporting moment of the past decade

Kind of in response to Doc's post and Ellie's reply to that, here are a few of my favourite sporting moments of the past decade (wow, remembering the whole past decade make me feel old).

Michael Schumacher

This man took Formula One by storm, first in the 90s with two championship wins and battling at the top into this decade, but, from 2000-2004, Schumi was absolutely dominant. He won the championship every year in those five years, leading to critics calling the sport boring because it was so obvious who was going to win! F1 has always been a part of my life and this man has been so important in that part. With the news that he may be returning next year (which admittedly has been rumoured since he left), he is set to stay a part of Formula One for years to come.

2004 Great Britain Mens' 4x4 100m relay team
The one event I remember from the 2004 Olympics in Athens is the final of the mens' 4x4 100m relay. I don't know why I do but it was an amazing race and as a fan of Great Britain, it was even more special. Watch it here:

Liverpool in the Champions' League final, 2005
What can you say about this match? 3-0 down at half time and you can't say that Liverpool were likely to get anything from this match. Just look at Steven Gerrard at 1:08 in this video to see where the motivation for this amazing comeback came from and check out Dudek's Grobbelar legs in the penalty shoot-out! No longer is any football match over at half time!

Leicester City vs Leeds United, 2009
This is much more of a personal choice. After the disaster that was relegation the year before, it was up to Leicester to do what Leeds, Nottingham Forest and many others couldn't do: bounce back up on the first attempt. A win for Leicester meant two things: one, all but sealing promotion for Leicester that season and, two, that Leeds would be out of the automatic promotion race. After a heated and rowdy match, the score was still 0-0 into injury time. Then this happened. Seeing such a full Walkers Stadium and even our goalkeeper, David Martin, running the length of the pitch to celebrate is just amazing!

2008, Lewis Hamilton!
What a man! In his first season in Formula One he missed out on the Championship by one point but in his second he needed just fifth place to win against Felipe Massa. The race had not gone well for him and as he entered the last lap, Massa was leading with Lewis in sixth place, meaning Lewis would miss out again by even less than a point: the amount of wins in a season. However, Timo Glock, ahead in fifth, had engine trouble and amid Massa's team's celebrations... (sorry it's in German but you can see Lewis take fifth and win the championship!)