Monday, 2 May 2011

My Browser War Turns in Opera's Favour

  So I mentioned how the Flash plug-in on Chrome crashed for me and forced me onto Firefox.  Well I've had enough of that now after slow loading times and regular freezing.  It began to play up at the most annoying of times (namely my last week before third year, final hand-in) and I gave up on it.


  The main problem was that Firefox would freeze whe trying to load something, either a page or an element of a page, until the cursor was moved.  I have no idea why.  And that was if I was lucky!  Often, especially with YouTube, it would freeze indefinitely.  At least Chrome loaded the page, even if it wouldn't play the video.

  So Opera it is now.  It's quite nice actually; the downloads tab is a nice touch, the 'speed dial' home page is just as nice, if not nicer than those of Chrome and Safari, and the whole program works smoothly and quickly.  We'll see how long this lasts.