Saturday, 21 August 2010

Foxes fans should keep the faith!

Leicester City slumped to the bottom of the Championship today after a disappointing 3-0 defeat at Burnley.  After a promising first twenty minutes, City never seemed likely to score and after a very unfortunate deflected goal (in the 47th out of 46 minutes) just before half time, their morale deflated and they succumbed to a 3-0 reverse.  Admittedly, it was to one of the league favourites but that didn't halt us last week against Middlesborough and we should be challenging these kind of teams.  The new boss with the new style did nothing to change it when it obviously didn't work; we were 2-0 down and he substituted a right-back like for like.

Time to worry?  Maybe not.  I say we need to give the new manager at least until Christmas to see where this new way of playing goes before we make a judgement.  Sometimes teams have tough beginnings of seasons, especially against two of the top teams in the league.  We've followed the Foxes down to League One before, stick with them and we'll see the results they deserve!

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