Sunday, 22 August 2010

Be a donkey for Jesus

Donkeys are quite important from a biblical point of view.  I'm sure they were one of the animals to walk onto the ark two-by-two (hoorah, hoorah) in Genesis 6 and Balaam's ass could talk (well, his donkey, anyway, was allowed to speak by God to teach him a lesson) in Numbers 22.  The most important donkey, though, was probably the one which Jesus rode on into Jerusalem.

As Jesus entered Jerusalem for his last session of ministry (Matthew 21), he sat on a donkey, as was prophesied in Zechariah 9:9, and the crowds cheered and laid down their cloaks for a clean entry.  Why a donkey?  Logical, really, as it meant that all around him could see him as he came into the city.

As Christians, let's be that donkey for Jesus now.  Live a life in order to raise Jesus up for others to see him so they can find out who he is, what he has to offer and to give them a chance to accept him as their saviour.  If you're not a Christian, have a look around to find Jesus.  Donkeys aren't often given much notice but they do a great job of what is asked of them!