Saturday, 25 September 2010

Speechless at Sousa

A big bottom of the table clash against a team who can't even field a full squad.  What should we do?  Drop our number one keeper out of the squad, drop our best prospect and performer at centre-back to the bench, continue to play an old fatigued midfielder ahead of other better performers and play our new £3m, proven, centre-forward goal scorer on the wing.  Result?  1-6.

Vitor is sent off, sending us spiralling to our worst defeat for eight years.
Ever since the 2-3 defeat to Crystal Palace on opening day, I haven't really had any confidence in Paulo Sousa as manager.  Yes he was a great player and managed well with Swansea but he has completely changed the winning style and mentality that won us League One and a play-off position last season and seems to refuse to go with what works.

Attacking triangles is no good if you punt balls up to Howard all the time, with Waggy on the wing and Wellens on the bench.  Our defence is almost non-existent it seems, that defence which Leicester City has been proud of, even in our relegation season.  18 goals conceded in 8 games is the worst defence in all four divisions.

Captain, Oakley, can't bear to watch; like all other Foxes fans.
Sack him now?  If we do it will be a disaster.  As was said in a good post I read this morning, who would come to our rescue when we don't know who owns us, have little or no changing room morale and sack managers after eight games?  With Mandaric on his way, sacking managers would leave us with nothing familiar at all.

I fear that Foxes fans are just going to have to bear with it for now.  If (or when) we are still in the relegation zone come Christmas, then something will have to change but will it be too late?  It'll be a long season.