Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Sven Bubble Bursts

So, once again, Leicester City follow up a great result against a top team with an abysmal display to halt any form we had.  The Sven bubble has surely burst and it seems we're back to square one.

Waghorn is muscled out: typical of the City performance. Courtesy of
  Sven stuck to a 4-4-2 on Tuesday, with Waghorn partnered with Gallagher and a solid rest of team.  The midfield worked, the forwards were supported and the Foxes should have been up three or four at half time.  Sven then changes the team for the match four days later, sticking the out of form and out of match practice Matty Fryatt (who hasn't been the same since his jaw break last season) up front on his own in a 4-5-1.

  With Waggy and Howard (scorer on Tuesday) on the bench Sven makes a straight swap in midfield leaving Fryatt to struggle.  Only when Waggy finally came on to make it 4-4-2 did we look like scoring.  And we conceded again.

  Stick to 4-4-2 please, Sven?  That's what we're good at, especially when Vassell comes into the team, and make the changes that are obviously needed!  I still trust him to bring the est out but not if he carries on like this: it looked like Sousa's team all over again.