Thursday, 11 November 2010

Islamic Extremists Protest Against Remembrance Day

Extremist ideologies are rife in this strong opinionated world of 'free speech', be it homophobes, racists or the idiots who threw a fire extinguisher off the Tory Party HQ yesterday, but it's Muslim extremists who often make the news the most.  Probably because their views are so extreme.
Extremist protestors breaking the Armistic Day silence. Courtesy of
  This time around the protest, against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, took place during the minute's silence on Armistice Day.  As millions around the country, and the world, remembered those who have died in war, this extremists 'burned a model poppy and chanted 'British Soldiers Burn in Hell''.  As with the American pastor who threatened to burn the Qu'ran, the motives behind this protest can be understood: where is the minute's silence for the innocent victims of war?  But the methods were one million percent wrong.

  The problem and the danger comes from the dichotomous attitude that these people have.  One protestor said that he wanted the government to pull the troops out and stop messing in 'our affairs': this paints a terrible picture of Muslims and is a big cause of the existence of the BNP and much racism in this country.  

  Let the said protester remember those who have died so that he has the right to protest and to live in democratic country and to support the work that the UN does, however well or not, to try and create peace in this sinful world.