Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Double Rescue of the Chilean Miners

  It was last August when 33 miners in Chile were trapped when their mine collapsed, causing a worldwide story of survival and rescue for the following 69 days until they were all released.  A close shave, you might say.  It appears though that something very supernatural was going on.

A miner thanks God as he is rescued (

  From the "needle in a haystack" chance of the drill reaching the right space in which the miners were to the survival without food and water to the changes in the miners' personal lives with their wives and families, it seems an answer to prayer.  Jose Henriquez, the 24th miner to be freed, adopted the role of pastor in the mine and, through the events that unfolded, is now on a mission to spread what God did for those miners.

  "When we felt we had lost everything, I was able to say to them we haven't lost prayer. We began by praying. We formed a circle of prayer and twice a day we would have prayer services where each one could pray and open his heart up, and then I would preach the word of God to them" he said.  He believes the hand of God guided the drill blindly down 700 metres to them and says that this faith in a deliverer kept the miners going.

Pastor Jose celebrates his release. (

  In fact, two thirds of the 33 miners indeed welcomed Jesus into their lives whilst down there, something that came out when the wives of the men noted the change in their husbands when talking over video link.  Not only were they rescued from the collapsed mine that was their home but from sin itself (Colossians 1:13-14).

  I believe this is another example of a modern day miracle, prayer being answered and God working in the lives of mankind all over the world.  Awesome!