Sunday, 27 March 2011

Time is Coming to an End?

  Harold Camping, a California radio braodcaster and preacher, has a tip-off to know the date of the end of the world.  He has come to this knowledge through studying the Bible and other things:

   - carbon dating has lead him to date Noah's loading of the animals into the ark to 4990BC
   - Noah, says the Bible, loaded the animals for 'seven days' which, according to his interpretation of 2 Peter, is really 7,000 years, or until 2011 (add one year as there is no year 1 in the Bible)
   - the 'flood' began on the 17th day of the second month which, using the Jewish calendar that God uses, is May 21st
   - on that day, the Lord will return, taking his people with him leaving their clothes, and after five months of burning and suffering, the world will end with a bottomless pit, as it says in Revelation

Harold Camping

  He is not the first person to 'figure out' what day this event will happen 1843, 1994 and 2010 have all been stated as the big day but have all come and gone.  Camping says that his theory is right above the others as he has found the answer in the Bible itself as opposed to merely being told by God in a dream.

  Unfortunately, it seems Mr Camping has not quite got round to reading Jesus' words in Matthew.  Here, he says that not even he knows when he will return and says that he will come 'at an hour when you do not expect him'.    Harold Camping, in my opinion, is looking far too far between the lines in order to learn what we will never learn and his theories have even less validity in light of some damning reviews of his heretic teachings.
  We do not and will never know when the end will come and so, as Jesus goes on to say, we should be ready for it at any moment.