Thursday, 25 August 2011

Kids of the Future

  I was sent a link to this video today by a colleague, created by global media agency PHD Worldwide, commenting on what the landscape of society and consumerism will be like in ten years time.  I thought it was very thought-provoking and a clever way of putting forward the discussion of how companies will have to relate to consumers in years to come with technology growing as it is.

  There's been a lot of bad reaction to this video for exploiting children actors (who do a good job, in my opinion) and portraying them in such a demanding and selfish light.  They also criticise the film-makers for painting such a cynical view of the future and putting a dampener on the youth of today.

  I disagree.  The video plainly presents these children as the voice of the future, talking about the future on numerous occasions and using the future tense.  They paint the logical conclusion of where this selfish society is heading in such a technologically progressive time and I think it's a very clever, thought-provoking and stylistic video.

  What do you think?  Are the film makers at fault creating this film?  Does it paint a plausible picture of the future of consumerism?

  Whatever you think, Chris, the guy who sent the video to me, said he 'prefurred' this version of the video.