Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Vinnie Jones Does it Hard and Fast for the British Heart Foundation

  The British Heart Foundation have become the first organisation in the UK to actively promote Hands-only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). To go alongside this, they have began a national campaign saying that 'anyone who doesn’t have CPR training should now ignore the kiss of life in favour of “hard and fast” compressions in the centre of the chest'.

  The campaign is spearheaded by a television advert utilising the reputation and talents of Vinnie Jones, the former footballer (Wimbledon, Chelsea) turned Hollywood actor (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, X-Men: the Final Stand).  The film is simple, informative and to the point and uses a great touch of irony and comedy to make a memorable video.  Unfortunately, some have taken exception to one line that Vinnie says, which I worry will take away from the point of the video. 

  I was shocked to see that many comments on YouTube and through Twitter have slated the video as homophobic for the use of the line 'you only kiss your missus on the lips'.  As the article on the BHF website states, the hands-only CPR shown in this video is to be used in favour of mouth to mouth resuscitation to prevent contagious infection and to help make helpers more confident to help is needed.  It is, in my opinion, clearly not a homophobic joke, suggesting that men kissing men is disgusting, that you should only have a female partner or otherwise.  Furthermore, it matches the character that Vinnie Jones is portraying in the video, the stereotyped 'hard man' Londoner, and so the line wouldn't be out of place in any other portrayal of such a character.

  In response, I'd like to use the words of some commenters on YouTube in regards to the video:
errr? How? i guess its racist as well because it's not representing the ethnic diversity of gangland london? specialistsound

This is an advert providing the public with important, potentially-lifesaving information. If they have to omit 'all-inclusive' language to maintain the pacing then so be it. It would break the flow if Vinne said "You only kiss your gender-irrelevant romantic-associate on the lips", or whatever, and then people could miss the rest of what he says. Get over it. hazzamo

They generally say avoid mouth to mouth now because you could contract viruses. People who give mtm are meant to use things like mouth guards to stop contracting (or passing them). It's not a slander on homosexuality, it's trying to keep people safe. malcomthird

  Look at the merits of the video and take in the important message that could save a life one day rather than pulling it to pieces for the sake of political correctness.