Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Blackburn Rovers Fans' Anger Manifests as a Chicken

Seventeen years after Alan Shearer lifted the Premier League trophy in the blue and white of Blackburn Rovers, the club were relegated to the Championship last night.

So, what else would you do to vent your frustration but smuggle into the ground a chicken in protest to what was going on.  Decked with a Blackburn Rovers bandana and the standard 'KEAN OUT' sign, the rebel chicken entered the playing field in defiance of the new owners and underachieving season.

The protest chicken (whoateallthepies.tv)

The offender was eventually cornered, and captured, by the team-work of Yakubu and Al Habsi, but that didn't stop fans following suit at full-time.

The whole situation is the culmination of much discontent from the supporters of the Lancashire club with new ownership (their chicken business surely inspiring the rebel chicken) seemingly dismantling the club they once knew and loved, including the sacking of Sam Allardice for no real reason (who ironically, the same night, took his new club West Ham to the play-off final to take Blackburn's place).

It will now be interesting for the neutral to firstly see how the club reacts to life in the second tier of English football and to secondly watch this amusing video of the chicken running a muck!

I've heard of 'Feed the Yak and He Will Score' but this was maybe taking it a bit too far...