Saturday, 20 June 2009

My first video games post...

I've realised I've written about everything on my interests list apart from video games so I'm going to stick one on here about what I'm doing in the exciting world of video games!

First of all some exciting and sad news at once. Star Wars Rogue Squadron has been announced to be coming out on Wii! One of my favourite ever Gamecube titles, and even games in general, to be out on Wii is great news! It's also been binned at the same time due to the production company going out of business. GAH! If it goes ahead I don't know what I'd do with myself!

The game I'm playing right now is New Wii Controls Pikmin and I LOVE it! I stand there pointing at my screen, sending my different coloured Pikmin around to carry what seems to be poker chips around a strange world nd being attacked by some wierd ladybird looking things. It's just great! Official Nintendo Magazine gave it 86% but I would rate it at least 90%; the graphics are beautiful, the way the day goes from dawn to dusk, the actions of the Pikmin and the way Olimar runs around sending them orders all fits in and runs so smoothly. I can seriously spend hours playing, I just think someone who has played this game lots of the Gamecube previously may not find it so great. Fortunately, that isn't me!

The next two games I'm really looking forward to playing are Punch-Out! (Wii) (pictured) and Pokemon Platinum (DS). Punch-Out! is a Nintendo classic and those in the know have been waiting for this remake for a long time. It's had a great review from ONM, getting 91%, and is a pretty exclusive game for Wii users. I can't wait to be punching in my room all day long. Pokemon is a hard one to think about as I've played through Diamond so there is nothing new. But there are differences to the story so it will be technically different; it has been called Pokemon Diamnond/Pearl the Director's Cut. Who knows.

As pictured here, I'm extremely excited about Wii Motion Plus! Tennis (one of it's launch games), sword fighting and light-sabre duels are just three of the things I'm looking forward to playing with it. Click the link to read more about it but in a few words, it basically means the smallest movements in your hand will be affected on-screen and in game. This will lead to spin shots in tennis, wielding swords as real life and much more complex control over general gaming which uses the Wii Remote at the moment. It has been likened to the jump from VHS to Blu-ray so it is inded very exciting! When I eventually get one, I'll let you all know what I think...I'm expecting great things though.