Monday, 10 May 2010

Once dirty, always dirty: Play-Off Semi-Final

Leicester City faced Cardiff City on Sunday in the Coca Cola Championship Play-Off Semi-Final First Leg and I decided to pop in to see what happened.  I was at the Cardiff game when we faced them last at the Walkers Stadium, a 1-0 win, and their team were one of the dirtiest I've seen there: feinting injury, cheeky elbows here and there, time wasting.  Hopefully this encounter would prove them different...

Unfortunately not.  Three clear cut handballs in the penalty area went unpunished (thankfully none as bad as cheat, Thierry Henry) and there were some very cheeky elbows and trips going on.  Worst of all was the goal scorer Whittingham's cheating as the referee turns his back.  The goal was from a free-kick and, as the ref turned to count the ten yards for the wall, Whittingham rolls and the ball forward with both foot and hand.  He had in mind what free-kick he wanted and placed it there as the ref didn't turn.  Of course, the new improved position of the kick resulted in the separating goal.

Now I can rant all I want but it doesn't stop the fact that we didn't score back and should have done better.  We can play better and I think we will in the return leg on Wednesday.  Fryatt had a perfect one on one opportunity to score and in the last half an hour we had many chances all over but for a lack of clincal shots and a very good goal-keeper (don't forget the hand balls!).  To be honest, it wouldn't be the end of the world if Wednesday doesn't go our way, a lot had us down to be in a relegation battle.  Plus, it means more away matches to go to next year!

Thanks to Leicester City's website for the photos, below is a video myself and my sister made of the atmosphere in the stadium (I couldn't bare to film any of the match!).