Saturday, 13 June 2009

Shows, iPods and DSLRs...!

So I haven't really written much for a few days, I thought I should stick something up here on what I have to come in this week and a few things of which I've experienced this week.

I'd firstly like to plug Les Miserables. I'm taking part in this show on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 19:15 (including a matinee on Saturday at 14:30) in Oadby, Leicester with a group of students from all over Leicestershire. I'm playing the oboe and the cor anglais in this, taking the Woodwind 2 part of the pit orchestra. The cor anglais is a new instrument which I'd never actually seen before apart from in videos on TV or the net but I'm quite liking it and sercetly proud of teaching myself how to play it in the last few weeks! Famous for the intro of I Dreamed a Dream and notorious (to me) for the cheeky accompaniment in Master of the House, we'll see how it goes and whether I can manage to last the show with it! I've heard some of the singing from the principals and chorus and it's sounding absolutely amazing. I'm waiting for the band call on Monday where we will have full vocals and pit orchestra, I actually can't wait! If anyone would fancy coming along, please do (by clicking here), it's a good price for a great show which helps support a great Leicestershire music charity, Soar Valley Music Centre.

In the next week I hope to upgrade my iPod Touch also, which I'm excited about as well. I've spent a while wondering whether to wait for however long Apple takes to bring out a third generation model or to upgrade to the second gen version (I currently have the first generation 8GB but need a 16MB at least and fancy upgrading). I'm thinking that I will get the 16GB 2nd Gen. I also am planning to get a DSLR at some point before July arrives. I know at this point I sounds very rich but I have had a lup sum recently and
have invested half, going to spend this on a present for myself and the rest for the summer (tour etc.). Now that I've justified myself (!) at an attempting budget of £300, I have a few contestants, including the Nikon D40 and the Sony A200K. Now I don't know an awful lot about camera technology but both of these look good for good old, quick point and shoot stuff but also leave room to develop my technique and hit that elusive Manual mode. I possibly lean towards the Nikon for reputation and hearing good things about it and the
range but I love Sony products and the wider lens would leave more space for zoooom. If anyone has any comments on these cameras or suggestions of others (I could stretch 15% budget possibly...) then please do have a chat!!!

I've been enjoying the cricket this week, and the tennis, so I'll be writing up on that tomorrow/Monday after we see how England and Andy have done over tomorrow's action!