Friday, 24 July 2009

Best television of the Naughties

In reply to Sam's post on her blog this evening, which was a reply to this article from The Guardian, here are my thoughts on the television of the last decade or so (my memories of the last decade?! That makes me feel old...). Like hers, it's a long-un (I could write a post on each of these!), but it's an interesting topic.

I think the first on this list has to be Lost (2004). Now, a lot of people don't like Lost but the reason? They lost interest after the second series and stopped watching. Admittedly, the second series was almost a copy of the first, with substituted characters, but after the events of the Season One finale, it was only a matter of time for Michael to come back and wreak havoc. For those who have no idea what I'm on about because they have never seen it, Lost has action, mystery, love, betrayal, time-travel, explosions, parallel dimensions and mostly based on one beautiful set on a Hawiian island. My other sci-fi favourite is Heroes (2006).

Heores was my favourite show around for most of the last year, although it has started to get a tiny bit farfetched. In a similar vein to X-Men, humans have evolved further and have begun to get super-powered abilities. Kidnapping, rivalries, romance, battles and multiple character story arcs makes Heroes so entertaining and really keeps you watching. A third drama which I will also try and catch is Hotel Babylon (2006).

The best British drama out there, in my opinion, about a Hotel and it's staff. It's hillarious, emotional and actually make me want to work in a hotel, no matter how horrendous the environment seems! Keeping with the Biritsh theme, Top Gear (1978) has to be one of the greatest shows in history, surely? It is a very funny show about cars which appeals to most men, those who like cars and those who don't. But somehow it appeals to the fairer sex also, who, at the risk of being labelled a downright horrendous sexist, aren't so interested in motors. I'm not entirely sure how it does it but it's almost the perfect show!

That's four down from the ten, they are the shows which I will endeavour to watch weekly without fail but that's really it. However, the six shows which will finish my list are also amazing,

Friends (1994) did indeed finish this decade and is still played at least twice daily across the channels which C4 own. And its still enjoyable, still funny and hasn't got old (yet). Similarly, The Simpsons (1989) and Family Guy (1999) are my favourites which may have been going for a while but haven't quite got old yet. Apart from those obvious, crowd pleasing examples, a less mainstream favourite is Frasier (1993). Funny but also cultured, it's a change to try and catch the classical music references in a comedy show. My final two (it's hard to pick just 10 after all!) are Dr Who (1963) and (don't judge me) Big Brother (2000).

Didn't quite know what to expect when Dr Who returned in 2005 and at times it is very cheesy but if you realise the BBC isn't Hollywood, it's amazing! Great story-writing and a bit of imagination makes a fantastic British sci-fi which is possibly just as good as in the original series. Big Brother is a strange one. I don't usually like reality TV (mainly becasue it's full of failing 'celerities' or talentless hillbillies) but Big Brother is the original, it's fascinating and as long as you don't get too invloved, is a great watch. I ealy have no idea what makes it as successful as it is but I do know that no matter how many times I say I'm not watching it, I always end up seeing the last 6 or 7 weeks of it. Be it boring summer holidays or not, it works!

Sorry this was such a long read, I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Please discuss!