Thursday, 23 July 2009

Public transport...gah!

In this age of world-wide environmental worry where everyone is buying 'green' shopping bags, recycling and car saving schemes I would be surprised to see the government encouraging public transport links to help us keep down our carbon footprint. If one person driving alone to work is bad, surely 30 people goin together on a bus will do so much for environment. One person driving to a meeting 200 miles away is terrible, getting 100 people on a train to the same place will save a huge amount of carbon.

But no, such a bus journey would cost £1.80 each and a train journey that long would be upwards of £40 in advance. Why is public transport so much money? Surely the best way for the government to show it's green ambitions (and more importantly be good to it's citizens) is to help with funding public transport. I used to get a bus home from school for 20p in just 2005 but four years later, such a trip is now 60p, a day ticket going up from £2 to £3.50. A freind visiting Leicester today paid £7 for a ticket from Coventry, not 30 miles away, before having to pay an extra £8 on the way back because it was peak time.

In countries such as Italy and Portugal, public transport is not late or unreliable and unlimited day rovers sometimes cost as little as a few pounds over tens of miles. Why can't the UK stop using environmental issues to take our money?!


ps. don't take this too seriously, I get carried away