Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Film review: The Final Destination

The Final Destination (Final Destination 4) was not great. I'm not gonna lie to you, or be nice to it or anything although I guess I couldn't really expect much more from a Final Destination film (although the 3D was a nice effect). The premise, as usual, is that a group of teenage adolescents escape from a terrible, fatal tragedy through the main character (played by Bobby Campo (see bottom picture)) having a vision of the coming accident. However! Death will now follow these survivors and kill off each one, in the order they were meant to die. I won't spoil whether they manage to cheat death again or not but all I'll say is that this isn't an original plotline...

The film's big opening tragedy (formerly in this series we had an airplane crash, a motorway pile-up and a runaway roller-coaster) was a Nascar race, which was awesome to see in 3D, which goes all wrong and ends with cars and debris flying into the crowd (see the trailer for a glimpse). This was the only bit I really enjoyed in the film, however, as the rest of the film was full of predictable, unrealistic and laughable events in which the only interesting bit (morbidly) was seeing how each person would die. And that wasn't very interesting.

The amount of plot holes and ridiculous events that Nat, Mike, Stef and I discussed (and laughed at) on the way home shows the bad script. The stupid amount of times unneeded things which 'popped out' of the screen (a plank of wood, a champagne cork and cars being amoung them) just annoyed me: scary movies are meant to scare you with scary things, not with corks! But although it wasn't a comedy, it did make me chuckle a few times (George complaining how he couldn't kill himself and the obvious hints to the next death) and the racing scene in 3D was nice (hopefully one day the same kind of thing in Formula One will happen..) so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Hopefully this is the last of this series and we won't have another reworking of the same film called 'The (real) Final Destination'.

The Final Destination = 4/10