Saturday, 19 September 2009

FW: Windows 7 for £30

My good friend Doc informed me the other day about this offer, and since I'm looking to buy a new laptop soon, it put my mind to rest as to whether to wait for the update or not. Here is his post about it which I thought should be spread again:

For a limited time Microsoft will be offering a full copy of Windows Home Premium for just £30 to all students around the world. All you need in the UK to get this deal is an email address from a university of a college of higher education. You can read the spiel that Microsoft wrote below.

Yes I know I am a Mac user, however I still think that I will be going for this deal, I am running XP on my media centre, so an upgrade to Windows 7 would be quite nice I think! They do have very nice media centre software included!
We are offering students the opportunity to buy Windows 7 for an amazing discounted price, £30 for either Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional.
You can take advantage of this offer from September 30th but you will need to be quick as it is for a limited time only and is only eligible to college and university students with a valid .EDU email address (an email address given by the college or university, for example: ), a PC that is currently running a genuine copy of Windows Vista or Windows XP and can run Windows 7.
This offer will be available from 1st October so please check back then for details on how to take advantage of this great offer.
Admittedly they can't quite work out if will be released on 30th Sept or 1st Oct... so to be safe check both days! For more details head over to: