Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Bloc Party cut short by 'unknown' fire alarm

Last night I went to see Bloc Party play at the Engine Shed in Lincoln (see my picture below) with my good friend Mike. It was the most I've paid to see a band (coming in at £22.50) so I was expecting good things from one of my favourite bands. I wasn't disappointed as they put on a great show (helped by the beastly two pint glasses the bar was selling!) giving some good banter and playing a mix of their classics with some of their new material. They finished with 'Helicopter' but were duly brought back on by the Lincoln crowd for an encore. As they embarked on the end of the show, about to finally finish with 'Flux' (which everyone was waiting for), sirens began and the band's manager came on stage to tell everyone to evacuate; met with little excitement from the audience.

Not good stuff from the Engine Shed management team, who I think, with ticket prices, bar sales and merch costs, must have made around four hundred grand from the night. Will the fans get compensation from the 'marred' night? I think not. A good night either way!

On from this, I had a video which I uploaded on YouTube published on The Linc's article about the night, which is quite exciting! Check out the link above.

Update: My video had to be taken off because the Engine Shed were angry that I'd filmed in there without their permission...

Yeah, that's what I thought...