Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Film review: Daybreakers

Michael and Peter Spierig, directors of cult, Australian zombie film, Undead (2003), release their first mainstream international film, Daybreakers (2010).

Daybreakers is a sci-fi vampire film, possibly feeding off the vampire trend started by the Twilight saga (2008-present), which adds an interesting new twist to the idea and it stars Ethan Hawke (Training Day (2001)), Willem Dafoe (Platoon (1986), Spiderman series (2002-present)) and Sam Neill (Jurassic Park (1993)).

Set in the year 2019, a mysterious virus has been infecting humans for ten years, turning them into vampires. Now, the newly dominant vampire species is running out of blood, causing a worldwide famine, turning them into horrific, irrational mutations and threatening their survival. We follow a vampire haemotologist (Hawke) as he tries to find either a substitute for blood or even a cure for the disease that has swept the globe.

An interesting concept done well, even if the makers seem to get carried away at times!

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Daybreakers = 6/10