Thursday, 4 February 2010


For a change, I wanted to put something a bit more personal up here so you loyal readers could know what I'm getting up to and have planned.

Well, I'm still at the University of Lincoln, studying Media Production (check out my YouTube to see some of the Single Camera work I've been doing (see the picture below) and my Digital Media blog to see the animation I've been working on) in my second year which is going well. I've averaged at about 65% since the beginning of last year, a few firsts a few Desmonds (Tutu) so it's all good. My essays which I have done have been on regulation in the media and whether the distinction between realism and naturalism in narrative fiction is worth preserving. If they sound interesting to you, please have a chat! My projects for this semester coming are an animation based on Revelation 4 and a short film based around anonymous lovers. I have a school placement in place for the summer, teaching secondary school maths, and I see this as one big option to where I'm going in my career at the moment.

In societies, I'm staying on as Vice-President of the university's first ever musical society, mostly concentrating on an orchestra, supported by Soar Valley Music Centre. I'm standing down as worship co-ordinator at the University of Lincoln Christian Union but taking up a role as small groups leader, which could well take up just as much time in the week. However, it's worth the sacrifice, in my opinion, as it's such a tool for us students growing in Christ and for stirring up passion for evangelism! Plus, the guys doing it with me are some of my favourite people in Lincoln, so it's all good! All this time, I'm still playing football each week, spreading the Leicester City love!

The biggest thing in my life right now, however, is Hannah! We met about 5 months ago and since we met have grown to be such good friends and all I could ask for in a partner. I'm pretty sure this is what God meant when he invented love and it all gets me thinking of what he has in plan for lovers...scary but true! How do I see myself in ten years time? At the moment, she's in that picture.
That's pretty much me at the moment...subject to change!