Saturday, 13 March 2010

Blogger Templates

Google today have recently released two new pieces of technology.  Up first is an addition to GoogleMaps (as well as the recent update to StreetView which is awesome!): bicycle tracks.  Only in America now but it can show you directions for not just car, public transport or walking but on bike tracks too, through parks and nature trails as well as roads.  You can also adjust the route to go up hill or down hill etc. which is very exciting.
The next piece is to do with this blog.  If you read this often you will have noticed the change in design.  Now, rather than before where you could choose from certain pre-designed templates by clever web-people, you can customise and change the templates much more yourself.  Giving a much easier to design and much more unique look to each blog.  There are also improvements to the UI for general posting which is lovely!  Have a look if you're interested blogging with Blogger is much nicer now!

Also, please do let me know how you like the new design (my own picture at the top by the way...!).