Friday, 30 April 2010

Christians and the Election

I've sent off my postal vote now so all the decision making is over for me, even though there is still a week of campaigning left to do for the party leaders.  I'm not sure how to take the fact that 50% of voters could be influenced by the fact that the televised debates have been aired this time around: is it good that people are taking an interest or bad that people are going to be easily swayed by simply television personality rather than policy.

I've been directed to this link by a friend, Josh, and I also verily recommend it.  It's the Christian Institute's Election 2010 Briefing which looks at the main parties in this election, as well as the Christian based ones, and investigates their policies and actions from a Christian point of view.  If you are a Christian interested in this election, please have a read.  However, make sure that we don't become policy voters, voting just because someone is against abortion or for freedom of speech.  We must consider which party would be the most compassionate, the most fair and which party will make it easy for us to talk about our faith in public.

It's a tough decision, especially due to the fact that, in my opinion, none of the three main parties have very Christian policies.  However, we need to make a decision as to which will be best for this country and which will promote Christian values and morals the most, be it intentional or not.