Friday, 14 May 2010

What if...: Play-Off Semi-Final Part 2

What if Waggy had managed to slot home his possibly final kick in a Leicester City shirt?
What if Kermit had smashed it in the corner rather than chipping it to the goalie?
What if Chopra was rightly called offside when he won the penalty to make it 3-3?
What if one of the four handballs in the penalty area were called last week?
What if the Pride Park pitch didn't bobble the ball over Weale's foot?
What if Reading's dodgy 94th minute penalty wasn't caught?
What if we'd turned up to Forest away?

Never mind the what ifs, I'm looking back on a fifth place in the second tier of football (our highest since 2004) after being relegated from that same league two seasons previous.  I'm looking back at a team which most clubs feared to play and who had the fifth best attack and fourth best defence in the league.  I'm looking back at a club that had higher attendances then most Premier League games last year and that even people in Lincoln where I live frequently wear blue and white.

Great season, looking forward to playing Coventry, Derby and Nottingham Forest in the derbies next year and Scunthorpe, Hull and Doncaster locally to Lincoln!  Let's go for automatic promotion!

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