Saturday, 20 November 2010

Oh the joy of mid-table obscurity...

Nothing much to say really.
Courtesy of
 - we made plenty of chances (more than double that of Bristol City), had loads of corners (ten today) and dominated possession

 - Paulo Sousa's team that make so many chances and score nothing have turned up again
 - we had double the shots on goal that Bristol yet they scored twice to our none
 - our top goal scorers are all midfielders, our forwards can't score
 - players who in the past have been solid have fallen away (Waghorn, Dyer, Fryatt...); 'poor first touch' is usually the phrase which accompanies them
 - to gain promotion you must score goals, concede few, win at home and draw/win away: not happening
 - inconsistency is confidence destroying (for fans at least, anyway)

With fixtures to the end of the year made up of teams in the top half of the table, it's not looking easy for the Foxes.  I guess it never is.  It's been said that mid-table obscurity is joyous...