Monday, 15 November 2010

The Silence of the Rams

Sorry for the pun (admittedly not my own!) but high-flying Derby County were really silenced on Saturday by local rivals Leicester City.  Another goal from Andy King and another penalty scored by Steve Howard made a comfortable 2-0 scoreline and increases confidence in Foxes fans all over.
King and Howard celebrate. Courtesy of
 - dominating local rivals is always a great thing
 - three balls in the back of the net (Vassell wasn't offside!) is great
 - as is another clean sheet
 - Abe and Gallagher are still getting better and better
 - great defensive line with Naughton winning a penalty and Cunningham setting up Vassell as well as Davies being solid and Hobbs having his first good game of the season
 - closer to the play-off positions than the relegation zone now

 - Waghorn and Fryatt are still missing on the pitch, our two top scorers from last season
 - apart from Howard's penalties, our forwards aren't scoring at all

Those negatives are clutching at straws as I'm a very happy Leicester fan and all fans are looking forward to beating Forest in two weeks live on SKY...