Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Trend Continues

Another great home win has been followed by a disappointing loss the fixture afterwards.  Promotion form is famously win at home, draw away.  I guess we're half way there but we need better than promotion form to get anything out of this league, thanks to the terrible start to the season we endured.
Vassell is crowded out by Watford defenders. Courtesy of
 - a couple of goals from Gallagher will give him oodles of confidence
 - we can still score goals, even when disappointingly two goals down, and did well to fight back, thanks mainly to Paul Gallagher

 - Leicester's away form is still disappointing, especially the defending
 - we had 17 attempts on goal, to Watford's 9, yet we rarely get over 2 goals a match
 - mistakes in marking, passing and just in general are costing us every time
 - with other teams having a game in hand, we're still looking over our shoulders...

The poor pitch worked in Watford's favour as they lifted balls into the box, and against us, as we couldn't play the football we normally do, but this isn't an excuse.  Leicester City will not get anywhere near the play-off places unless they start taking the chances they have and really do tighten up in defence.

Fortunately, I think if anyone can sort this out then Sven can.