Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ten Billion Apps and Counting...

  If anyone has been on the Apple App Store in the last couple of weeks they would have seen the link to the count up timer waiting for the ten billionth app download.  And the person who downloaded that app?  Gail from Kent.

  Gail first thought it was a hoax caller, hanging up, when Apple tried to congratulate her.  Once Apple tried again, they awarded her more than £6,200 worth of iTunes credits for her hard work in downloading a game in which you control a paper aeroplane.  It was her daughter really who downloaded the game so I'm sure she will get a share of the money, with which she could download 7,848 tracks from iTunes.

  As for me, I didn't quite win the prize with my iPod Touch but am getting to grips with the Android Market of apps on my new HTC phone.  Not quite as good as the Apple products, probably due to the fact that the Apple OSs are a lot quicker than my Android 2.2.1, but Apple face competition from Google's new mobile systems.

  Either way, you can't fault Apple for their iPhone/Pod/Pad inventions and, in fact, much more than half of those 10 billion downloads have been in the last year.  I don't think they will die out but the cheaper alternatives are putting up a good fight.