Friday, 25 February 2011

Google Connects the Cloud

  Google have released a lovely plug-in to go with your Microsoft Office called Google Cloud Connect.  It connects it to the cloud automatically and for free and allows documents from Word, Excel or Powerpoint to be accessed from anywhere to connected to the web and to be edited by two people in two different locations simultaneously.

  This is how it works: open your document and save.  This automatically tells the Google Cloud Connect bar to 'Sync' with the cloud.  It does so and give you a link to where it is located online.

My document on Word is now synced.

Just click on that link or share it with someone else to access it anywhere you like.

I can access my document anywhere with the link provided.
  This puts an end to taking your work on a memory stick here there and everywhere and, if they have the plug-in also, can simultaneously edit, going back and forth between two or more authors.

Very nice.  Thanks, Google.