Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The End Was Inevitable

  After eight games without defeat, a run that looks like WWDWWWWW, it seemed inevitable that an away trip to the most well known attacking side in the league would put an end to it.  Of course it did and in a top of the table six pointer as well as Cardiff beat the Foxes comfortably, 2-0.

Sol Sol Bamba struts his stuff in Cardiff. (
 - I didn't see or listen to this match but from what I've heard from fans who did, new boy Bruma, who seems too good to stay on the bench, did very well in central midfield and Naughton had a good evening
 - it could have been worse and results around Leicester went well with Forest, Norwich and Leeds all dropping points too

 - again, from other fans' views, the midfield were again outplayed (as with the second half against Bristol on Friday), Ricardo didn't do much (although that might have been more Weale bias), Van Aanholt disappointed and the attack was ineffective
 - a disappointing end to the great run of form over the last couple of weeks
 - automatic promotion now looks out of Leicester's reach as QPR continue to fly away and the three tams behind them keeping up: it's a fight-out between Leeds, Norwich and City now
 - maybe teams have figured out how Leicester work and are neutralising their attacking force...time to freshen up I think

Bruma sweeps through the Cardiff midfield. (
  It could have been worse for the Foxes but still a disappointing night.  Losing to play-off rivals makes beating lower-half teams like Coventry City (Leicester's next opponents) so important.  The next month or so will really see how far Sven has brought the team since they were bottom of the table in October.