Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Difference Between Champions

As the form league leaders met the actual league leaders, it promised to be an interesting match-up.  Either side could have been mistaken for the league leaders and it was one chance taken very well which gave QPR the 1-0 win over Leicester with an 88th minute goal by the man Sven tried to bring in last year.

Yakubu thrived in a 442 formation. (
 - Sven changed to a 4-4-2 formation, partnering Yakubu and Vassell up front: this worked well and seemed to cancel out QPRs strengths for the match: good tactics
 - with Van Aanholt injured, Ben Mee took over at left back and did very well, as did Bruma in Mee's usual centre-back position
 - most reports have been favourable about unliked goalkeeper Ricardo...maybe things are turning round for his relationship with the fans?
 - Leicester comfortably matched the league leaders

 - with the amount of chances Leicester had, they should have had a couple of goals themselves: it was QPR though who took their best chance and won the match (champions must take their chances)
 - obviously losing isn't great, even against the best team in the league, but one point out of nine is bad and the promotion dream seems to be slipping away

  With the promotion dream slipping away, maybe a loss of expectation will create a late surge of confidence and the Foxes will do a Blackpool?  Until then, lets enjoy each game as it comes and try to secure contracts for our best players who are not permanent.  With latest financial figures coming out, there looks like if promotion doesn't come this season, there will be a big push to get it next.

  Also, Forest lost.