Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Apple Continues with the iPad2

  On May 28th 2010 the iPad was released in the UK bringing the success of the iPhone and iPod Touch to a bigger device, making this the first of the huge market of tablet computers that is available today.  Not even a year later, the update is coming out, this Friday in fact, which isn't really a surprise.

The revolutionary iPad. (

  It hardly seems yesterday that the iPad was first released, prompting a scourge of other manufacturers trying to compete in this new market which Apple seem to have created.  The new iPad is thinner, quicker and has two cameras.  But it's still just a big iPod Touch, right?  It's a little but more than that but not too far off...

  The iPad does all the things an iTouch will do; all the apps can be bought in some shape or form and most have been remade to fit the iPad's new high-resolution screen and new technology that goes with it.  Others things such as word processors, calendars and visual media are vastly improved on too and it can now take the place of a laptop for casual use around the home.  This makes surfing, social networking and other such things much easier to do on a nicer piece of equipment and you can leave the more important things such as work and using high RAM using programs for your desktop or laptop.

The new, thinner, faster iPad2. (

  If I were fortunate enough to have an iPad, I don't think I would fork out the same price for another one less than a year on.  There are improvements but Apple expect their customers to fork out year upon year for them which, although they get what they want from it, is unfair.  Why not create the best iPad they could first off...surely a camera could have been added in a year ago?

  One day I hope to have the luxury of an iPad but for now, I'll just play with my housemate's instead.