Saturday, 19 March 2011

Google Chrome vs Shockwave Flash

  This week my internet browser, Google Chrome, began a spat with Shockwave Flash, the plug-in that allows the playing of some websites and most internet videos.  It meant that YouTube wouldn't work anymore and most other websites caused it to crash for some reason.

This is the error I get which renders most videos online useless.
  I've spent weeks scouring the internet for an answer, for a solution, but to no avail.  Even Google's technicians didn't really come up with anything useful.  Chrome is clever in that it has Flash integrated and updates automatically.  Unforutnately, this means that now Flash has gone wrong, it is very hard to fix it!

  For now I'm using FireFox, which I haven't used before, and am happy for now.  I'm getting used to it and, although I miss Chrome, it's good to have Flash working again!  Please if anyone has a solution or if Google sorts itself out, let me know...