Sunday, 20 March 2011

One Mistake Too Many

  Leicester City's one mistake against Portsmouth lead to the opposition's only shot on target and, with the defence and Ricardo miscommunicating, it flew into the back of the net.  Leicester's 13 shots, four on target, were not enough to make a reply and so, for the fourth time in six matches, Leicester succumbed to defeat.

Yuki Abe led out the team in respect to something
a little more important than football. (

  Unfortunately, this has happened all season, under both Sven and Sousa, and, with the defensive frailties, added to Leicester's failure to reach promotion comfortably.  Promotion now is still possible but improbable and I think it is time to start to look to next year.

  First, let's just enjoy the rest of the season with little expectation.  To get to where we are from  the bottom of the table in October is impressive to say the least.  Next, we need to look to signing some of the outstanding loanees this season (namely Naughton and Mee) and then adding some much needed Championship experience to the team in defence and all over the team.

  In the meantime, as I said, enjoy the football to be played, like I did with a short trip up to Scunthorpe last week...