Wednesday, 16 March 2011

How Not to Avoid Relegation

  This morning brought the news that the second Championship manager this week had been sacked, Ian Baraclough fired from Scunthorpe and after Aidy Boothroyd had been sent packing from Coventry.  Both teams have had some bad form of late and, with less than ten games to go before the end of the season, both teams are now managerless.

Boothroyd and Baraclough; looking for new jobs.

  What I don't quite understand is what the clubs' boards expect to do by sacking a manager at this point in the season?  The new manager will have the same players, the same amount of money to play with and will be in the same position in the league as the previous manager.  

  Anyone who takes these jobs will surely be looking to merely do as well as can be done for the rest of this season and look to the next...but itsn't that what the current managers would have been doing?  Changing managers brings instability more often than radical change.  Both Sheffield United and Preston North End have tried changing managers to turn their season around and it hasn't quite worked.

  It's been tough for Scunthorpe as, with what is usually the case, they have lost the players which helped them to promotion and consolidation.  Coventry have been on a tight-rope for quite a few seasons now and should be ok with the players they have.  Whoever takes over now, at either club, will have a very hard job to do anything this season; it may be a move that both boards live to regret.