Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

  Sunday 4th May, 2008 wasn't great for fans of Leicester City as the club was relegated amidst the celebrations of Stoke City's promotion.  I imagine the same dread of relegation has been felt by fans of Norwich City, Leeds United and Southampton recently and this year it's Sheffield United fans who are seeing their recently top-flight club hit League One.  It's not the end though.

Matt Oakley tries to avoid the Stoke celebrations. (www.stokecityfc.com)
  As Leicester fans complain that Yakubu's 7 in 16 games isn't good enough and see a releagtion threatened turned to possible play-off season draw to an end, this very interesting article about that relegation season of 07/08 has appeared.  In the end, that releggation got rid of the dead wood that was drifting around the Championship and has brought pride, promise and a former European and International manager to the Walkers Stadium.

  Norwich have done even better than Leicester on their return to the Championship; being in a position to gain a second automatic promotion to the promised land.  Leeds similarly have gone straight into a strong possibly play-off position and Southampton look to be making a return to the Championship in second place of League One.

  Relegation is the end of the world until the day after the last match of the season.  From then it's usually up-hill from there as the staleness of the relegated team is replaced by fresh new talent; every cloud haas a silver lining...