Thursday, 2 June 2011

MacBook App Solves Crimes

  Had your MacBook stolen?  There's an app for that.  It's called Hidden and has recently received worldwide media attention in one particular crime that it has solved in California.  Joshua Kaufman is the man who benefited from Hidden yesterday when, after over three months, the man who was using his stolen MacBook was arrested.

Josh with his recovered computer. (
   From $15 per year, you can activate this App when your Mac goes missing and it will send you back pictures from the webcam, screenshots of how the computer is being used and location details of where the machine actually is.  Josh had reported the computer stolen to the police and even provided them with the details he received to aid them in their search but it wasn't until his online record of the events got media attention that they acted.

  His site, This Guy Has My MacBook, chronicled the events of his stolen computer, providing the images he was receiving for the viewing pleasure of its readers and lambasted the Californian police for not acting quicker.  Apparently, it was filed incorrectly and that is why there was such a wait but either way, this a great piece of software for any MacBook user and at around £9 per year, worth it.

  In the meantime, have a laugh at the guy caught on camera before he was caught by the police.