Sunday, 3 July 2011

Apple Releases Final Cut Revamp, Has to Give Answers

  This last week Apple released it's update of Final Cut, Final Cut Pro X, to very mixed reviews.  Many of them poor.  It was missing a lot of features from previous versions which pro-editors deemed vital, it wouldn't take projects from previous versions and to many looked like a posh version of iMovie (not great for a professional studio).

  However, surprising to me and many others, Apple released a web page answering questions that people had for the program, mostly questions that conjured their negative reactions to the software.  The questions are all ones asked by pro-editors that were unhappy and most answered with 'yes' or 'not yet' implying a bit update soon.  Kudos to Apple for answering their haters but hopefully they haven't made a big mistake and forced many professionals to AVID or Adobe Premiere Pro or this could be the end for FCP as we know it.