Monday, 31 October 2011

Mexican Football Club Identifies with Twitter

  It's been said that you are no more than your Twitter account and Mexican Primera Division club Jaguares how taken that phrase to the next level by using players' Twitter accounts in place of their normal back of shirt names.  They've even adopted the light blue Twitter colour and added a Tweet bird to the design of the shirt.

  Social media really is invading every area of life and these footballers are known now for their Twitter names in place of their real ones.  Obviously a shameless attempt at increasing the number of followers of the club and players, it's been met by a mixed reaction but I quite like it.  Since the days of professional footballers meeting fans for a drink after the match in the 50s and 60s, there has never been such an opportunity to interact with the footballers, and other celebrities, of today and I'm all for interaction and mass engagement through social media.

  Our mobile phonebooks are populated with Facebook and Twitter accounts, job interviews are often followed by a check of your online presence and the television we watch is accompanied by hashtags on Twitter.  How far will this real world integration of social media go?  Is the rise and rise of social media a good thing for the society of the future or is it ruining face-to-face communication?

I've had a bit of fun seeing what some of Leicester City's Twitterers would look like with their account on the back of their shirts...