Monday, 6 February 2012

Adverts of the Super Bowl 2012

  I'm reliably informed that many in America who do not enjoy sports look forward to Super Bowl Sunday each year anyway.  The country celebrates the event with parties all over but it's the bits in between the plays of American Football which really pull the viewers in.  Super Bowl commercial breaks are notorious for containing great adverts and companies spend up to $3.5m for 30 seconds of space.

One of the Coke Polar Bears that watched the match along with the audience.
  Mashable has put together all 52 adverts that were broadcast during the Super Bowl this year and during my breaks at work I've been taking a look.  Here are some of my favourites.

Doritos - Sling Baby

  Love the music, love the old and new person team-work and love the expression on the baby's face as it bungees through the air in slow motion.

Volkswagen - The Dog Strikes Back

  Last year the mini-Darth Vader advert was a worldwide hit for cuteness, humour and general Star Wars fans alike.  This year, Bolt the dog is their offering with a really good twist at the end...

Coca Cola - Polar Bears

  Coca Cola featured multiple times throughout the game with adverts that changed depending on how the game was going (bored polar bears if the game was boring, tense is the game was tense etc.) giving the effect that they were watching along with the viewers.  A great concept and some loveable characters.  This was my favourite purely for how much I can relate with him, being a Leicester City fan.

Hyundai - Think Fast

  With echoes of the Hard and Fast campaign that Vinnie Jones is fronting, this advert made me chuckle.

Marvel - The Avengers

  I don't think Marvel needed to promote this movie much but I get so excited with every little extra bit I see, I was happy they bothered.

Time Warner Cable - Enjoy Better

  The American multimedia supplier uses a mixture of Ricky Gervais, Facebook, Call of Duty, ESPN and Netflix to tap in to the nation in this advert.  I liked it for all those reasons but also, it's epic and funny.

  Which are your favourites?