Monday, 2 April 2012

Google Re-invents the Touch Screen Keyboard

Google has for a long time been at the front of invention and innovation and have released yet another new way of dealing with everyday technology.  In an attempt to solve the problem of needing a very small keyboard on the small screens that smart phones naturally have, they have enlisted a relative of Morse Code co-inventor Samuel F B Morse to develop a new way of inputting text.

Gmail Tap, in the new Gmail app for smart phones, gets rid of the normal keyboard and replaces it with just two buttons for Morse Code input; one for dot and one for dash.  The Gmail Tap website gives a guide to learning Morse Code and, once learnt, users can write two things simultaneously, raising productivity twofold.

Future features to come in updates include Gmail Tap syncing with your camera's flash for oversea communication, microphone enabled tapping for syncing with table taps and double-black diamond mode, where up to eight messages can be inputted at once.  Pretty amazing stuff from Google, check out their video.

By the way, did I mention that Gmail Tap was released on April 1st?