Tuesday, 3 April 2012

...the Award for the Most Shocking University Advert in History Goes to...

The University of Lincoln, where I studied and currently work, has become world-famous (or should I say world-infamous) for a series of 'banned' adverts by one of their students, Tom Ridgewell, aka. Tom Ska.  He produced some parody adverts for YouTube, labelled them banned (though the University itself didn't even know they were being made, let alone banned them) and has gone on to gain over 4 million views from the series.

The videos include dinosaurs on campus, lectures on fire and a zombie invasion of a photoshoot and lead Tom to create another video for the university's own promotional material, including spoof courses and swans, and the reaction to all the videos show what is possible if a University takes a risk to attract its target audience.  Others have taken a similar approach but nothing has come quite like the Central Institute of Technology in Northbridge, Western Australia.

Created by Henry & Aaron for the university, the video starts out pretty cool with some nice teleportation effects and is a similar parody to University promotional videos as TomSka's videos.  This one has a bit of a twist to it though.  I warn you; don't watch this if you easily shocked.  Well, if you are easily shocked, just be prepared.