Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Instagram Finally Rolls Out Web Profiles

Recently purchased by Facebook for $1billion, Instagram is a very fast growing image sharing network for photographers that use their mobile devices.  Simply take a photo, add a pre-rendered filter, add some gausian blurs (if you like) and share, share, share!

Previously, Instagram has only been available on iPhone but has gone on to appear on Android and other operating systems.  Yet not until this week has it been possible to view Instagram profiles away from mobile devices as Instagram roll out web profiles.
Nike's Instagram account is one of the first to experience the new web profile.

Though not available to all users immediately, the web profiles will give Instagrammers a presence online to present their work.  Unsurprissingly, the profiles (as seen above for Nike) look very similar to Facebook's Cover Photo layout with rolling images taking the place of the cover photo and a feed of images underneath.

It's not clear yet how much interaction with images will be possible, for example liking and commenting, but it's a giant leap forward for the network, in my opinion, and gives another way to share the images that tell the story of our day to day lives.

To see if your web profile has been enabled yet, just type your account name after http://instagram.com/ and, if you're lucky, have a good play.  Mine, when it is available, can be found at instagram.com/joelmurray.