Wednesday, 27 March 2013


It's been almost four months since I last posted a blog (terrible, I know) but I've got a couple of good excuses.  I now have a bun in the oven and also a permanent job to provide for said bun!

Mini-Murray at 21 weeks.

Although me and Hannah had a miscarriage last summer (the baby would have been due around about now in fact), we did get pregnant again and we announced at the beginning of January that we would be expecting our first child this July!  The baby is growing well now and we know, having had our 20 week scan, that all is in good order and you can even see its face in the picture (no we haven't asked what the sex is yet; that's just no fun!).

I've also started working for Visit Lincoln, the official tourism organisation for Lincoln which exists to promote the city of Lincoln as a place to visit, a place to live in and a place to trade and meet in with your business.  I look after the website and the social media as Digital Marketing Coordinator and I'm loving working online each day helping to improve the city that I fell in love with as a student.

So they're my excuses but I'm planning on keeping this blog a bit more up to date...hopefully it will be full of things that interest you!