Thursday, 20 March 2014

Rebekah May - the Story So Far

The following is taken from my testimony at Rebekah's dedication service at TCM Baptist Church, Lincoln on Sunday 16th March 2014.

Like a Christening but without the splashing, the dedication service was a chance for me and Hannah to publicly show our intentions to bring Rebekah up as a Christian, to dedicate her life to God.  This is why we have those intentions.

Six years ago Hannah and I both chose the University of Lincoln to study and we both left home for the first time to live in Lincoln. Although neither of us really thought it at the time, God had huge plans for both of us and bringing us together to Lincoln was just the start...

Although we only lived three blocks apart from eachother in students halls, we didn't meet until our second year as students when I was in charge of the CU band and she wanted to join as a singer.

Two years later we were married and starting our lives as graduates, which is hard enough, in a little family of two. It's been tough leaving education and living away from the protection of parents but in everything, we have always experienced God being faithful to us by providing what we've needed, from jobs to houses to food on the table.

We've always wanted to expand our family from the two of us and quickly learnt that there is not really a 'right time' to have children so trusted in God as we tried. We got pregnant in 2012 but sadly lost the baby at 8 weeks - this was a tough time again for us but it was an experience that helped us both grow in our marriage and in our relationship with God. It also reaffirmed our desire for a child.

Last August we were blessed by God to bring Rebekah into the world and haven't been let down by His provision for us in our new parenthood; from coping with the responsibility of this little girl being fully dependent on us to affording to clothe and feed her.

Both of us grew up in a Christian home and see the way our parents brought us up, in a way based on the Bible and surrounded by God's people, as integral to who we are and where we are today. We have a life of meaning and a hope of Heaven and wish to bring Rebekah up in the same way.

We understand that we can't force Rebekah to believe in anything or invest her life in one thing or another and we can't do anything to make her right with God. But we believe that bringing her up in the ways of God, learning from the Bible and being surrounded by God's people will put her in the best position for a fulfilled life and a hope of something more after it.

We thank our family, friends and the people at TCM for all the love and support we've had over the past years. Please will you pray for us as we continue to try to be the best parents we can be for Rebekah as she grows