Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Greetings from Blantyre!

Journey was long, bout 28 hours I think, stopped in Ethiopia, was chucking it down with rain! But no rain here in Malawi, it's overcast but no rain! And quite cold...only 'cos of the wind though, and at night-time. I'm still in Blantyre at the moment but going down to Konzere today or maybe tomorrow with Lapson, who I will be staying with.

He has an orphanage, about 30 kids apparently, who I'll be doing recorders and percussion with, so that'll be fun :D Also, that area is where I will be visiting the blind people in villages in that area. Had our first blind visitor yesterday, Mr Mwale, heard that me and Janet were here so walked 70km to see us apparently. Considering he was blind, thats impressive! We gave him some money and a new set of clothes along with a braile version of the Gospel of John and then he was off, but very very happy.

The people here walk everywhere...there is one big road that stretches the whole country, but if you have no car then you just walk for miles and miles. It's nice here, could be a bit sunnier, but it is winter-time! The people are wicked too, where I'm staying, also live Winston and his family, Blessings and his family and Lazarus, who are all really cool! Travelling down to Konzere will be much different though, I'm told.

Hopefully I'll be able to get online down in the Lower Shiree, but it's here and there with mobile reception, let alone internet connection, so fingers crossed hey?! Can't upload photos here, the connection is too slow...but if I'm able to later on, then I'll add them!