Saturday, 30 May 2009


A weekend of predictions is here: The FA Cup final and Britain's Got Talent.

So this is maybe Guus Hiddink's final game in charge...I somehow don't think he'll leave over the summer, he loves it here! Especially if Chelsea get the cup, too much of a good opportunity to give up in my opinion. I got 5/8 with my last weekend of predictions so we'll see how this one goes! Although I'd like Everton to win, just to trump their Merseyside rivals, I really don't think Chelsea will give up this match easily. I will go for 2-1 to Chelsea (Lampard, Malouda - Saha), although I'd like it if it were the other way round.

Next, Britain's Got Talent. This show is ridiculous; dancing dogs, skatting saxophonists (without a saxophone), opera singing flower arrangers and standing ovations. Makes me laugh and also cry at the same time but not for the same reasons! Of course there is also Susan Boyle.
Now I have nothing against the lady, she's a decent singer and no one expected it to come out of the Scottish lady who thrusted at Simon Cowell and said that she had a naughty side to her, but I really don't like the hype around her.
Every morning I'm told about different celebrities twittering about how they love her and want her to win but she's just not that special. Maybe I'm a bit biased due to the production of Les Mis I'm doing right now with SVMC where there is so much talent on show (and I mean SO much talent with so many cool people - you can buy tickets for it here); her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream just reminded me of all those guys. But then I look to the violinist, some of the dance acts (Flawless and Diversity being two of the best) and the soprano saxophonist who I think all should be ahead of The Boyle.
I'm pretty sure Susan Boyle will win but I hope that one of the two dance acts I mentioned before will.

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy this beautiful weather and look forwad to Les Mis in June!
The picture here is the view out my bedroom window onto the lovely and sunny north-east of Leicester today. The slight sparkle in the distance in the space centre and behind that is Bradgate Park.